UF Insider Scoop: Ladies Nite at Par City Album Release Party


On Monday night, Par City, an upcoming rap group had their official “Par-City Fueled By Revenge” Album Release party at The Parlour Lounge [ 247 W. 30th Ave.]. This event was hosted by Kimmi Cupcakes [ of Sirius XM Radio/Shade 45] and sponsored by Cherry Martinez [of Power 105.1 & CherryOnTop.com]. HOT97’s DJ Juanyto had the latest music spinning and it  elevated great energy in the room!

The event was filled with sexy ladies and I believe in making the most of every opportunity. So I introduced myself to Tanyka Henry, a football player of the 1st Lingerie Football League. This league is composed of 10 teams of women around the country, dressed in lingerie with football gear, and  trust me this isn’t your typical “tag football”.

Tanyka, 24yrs old of New Britain, CT plays both Offense/ Defense for the Philadelphia Passion team in Pennsylvania. I had the opportunity to ask her a few questions about her dietary habits with maintaining that LFL body.

How often do your work out with your team?

We work about 4 days out of the week, it’s a lot of cardio!

How do you maintain such a slim body?

I have a very strict and limited diet that our nutritionist keeps us on.

Any guilty pleasures?

Definitely Mac N Cheese.

As the party continued so did I, there were flashing lights, dancing, and all smiles. Cherry Martinez slid on the scene, with a very fashionable extended fur hat. She didn’t have much time to be there but she was kind enough to answer a question or two.

Cherry, when you’re partying in the clubs, do you have a drink of choice?

I really love Malibu Coconut Rum, anything with that I’ll drink.

Do you have a favorite restaurant in NYC?

I enjoy eating at Blue Ribbon Restaurants. No particular dish, it all depends what I’m in the mood for.

Lastly I was able to speak with the  “life of the party” and party host, Kimmi Cupcakes. We were able to have an in-depth conversation about her surprising diet and her love for good food.

What is Kimmi Cupcakes’ favorite cupcake?

I just celebrated my birthday and I had pink velvet cupcakes with a Coconut Ciroc infused butter creme frosting that I served to the club, they were amazing! I’m currently developing my own flavor with Delicious By Danielle!

When you’re out on the town, what is your favorite cocktail?

I’m not much of a drinker; I am an organ donor so I try to limit intake, but if I did drink it’ll probably be a beer or something while watching a game. Or a glass of wine with super.

What are your dietary habits?

I currently am a vegan so no animal or animal by-products. I had a guest on my radio show, international male model Lasse Larsen, and he suggested I try it. It’s taking me some getting used to since I *love* sweets- and most are made with eggs and/or milk, but so far so good. To settle my sugar tooth I’ve been eating more fruits.

After hours, what do you crave and where do you go?

If I do crave sweets, there’s a fabulous vegan chocolate and wine boutique in Chelsea called Cocoa V– 21st and 9th which has great rich selections of chocolates, bon bons and cupcakes- you name it!

It was a pleasure to speak with all three of them. Check out Cherry at www.cherryontop.com [Sexy In The City on Power105] and Kimmi at www.kimmicupcakes.com [Sirius Radio/Shade45]. To see Tanyka in action, visit www.lflus.com for Philadelphia Passion’s schedule.

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Photo Credits: bknext.com / Champion Eye Media