New iPhone App: Rama App for Foodie Tours

Courtesy of Crimson Bamboo LLC

New York, NY –

As we all know in New York there is always a new restaurant popping up, so instead of aimlessly roaming throughout the city looking for the “Best Of”, Crimson Bamboo LLC has created an iPhone App to give us some guidance. The company’s primary focus was history tours and as of April 6th has incorporated food tours. Some of the current tours are tailored towards include Indian, Vegetarian, Chinese, and BBQ cuisine.

It is a free app download that informs us on food tours that range from $1 – $4 to be taken on. Once you choose a tour such as the “NYC BBQ Tour”, James Boo, BBQ Expert offers many tips and suggestions on transportation, tipping, menu recommendations, restrictions [ie. not vegetarian-friendly], and costs.

The app is not limited to New York but also in several other cities and countries. I’ve just downloaded and it is very user-friendly. I look forward to using this as the weather gets warmer. Download now on iTunes App Store!

Let’s Get Eating!

Isaiah  [@Urban_Foodie14]                                                                                                         Editor


Insider: Dawn Richard’s “Armor On” Album Listening Party


Dawn Richards held a listening party for her solo album, “Armor On” at her listening party at Open House hosted by K. Foxx of HOT97. She released her entire album with singles that included “Change” and “Black Lipstick”. Dawn is best known from girl group sensation Danity Kane and recently left Diddy Dirty Money. She stepped out on her own which she thought was risky but felt confident enough in her music and her team. She chose “Armor On” as her album title as she explains that the industry has so many expectations, what to wear and how to look, and often many demons so she chose put her “Armor On”. The album has many up-beat party tempos and heart-felt songs which serves as a prelude to her following project “GoldenHeart Trilogy”.

I got the opportunity to chat with Dawn at the listening and asked her a couple questions.

IK: Considering that you travel so much, when in New York what restaurants do you favor most?

DR: “Well you know I’m a New Orleans girl, so any restaurant that may have that cuisine I’m there. I especially like Delta Grill.”

IK: Before any show are there any dressing room necessities or traditions that you must have before you go on?

DR: Yes, I like to have a very small shot of Patron Tequila and sometimes a “Hot Toddy” with Earl Grey Tea.

IK: Your body looks amazing, how do you stay in shape? Are there any personal trainers and strict gym schedules?

DR: I have none of that, I just LOVE to Dance. It keeps me tight!

Dawn excluded beauty, charm, humility, and great energy. “Armor On” is in stores now and you can download on iTunes!