Free Ice Cream On Haagen Dazs Anniversary!


New York, NY —

52 year ago, Haagen Dazs Ice Cream company was created and today they are celebrating! Participating locations will be giving away your favorite scoop of ice cream between 4pm-8pm. Every year their flavor creativity expands further. My latest favorite is coconut macaroon. So stop by today and sing Happy Birthday!


Isaiah Kelsey


Foodie News: Trendy Cupcake ATMs

Photo Courtesy Of Lalate News

Photo Courtesy Of Lalate News

I must say I’ve seen cupcake trucks [Cupcake Stop], large gourmet cupcakes [Crumbs Bake Shop], and even bite-sized cupcakes [Baked by Melissa] but have yet to see this. Candace came up with the idea while pregnant and like most women they have these late night cravings, which for her was cupcakes. They were unavailable to her dissatisfaction but like all entrepreneurs what is not available must be created.

Candace Nelson, best known as a judge from Food Network‘s “Cupcake Wars” and also the founder of Sprinkles has activated their very first 24-Hour Cupcake ATM in their Beverly Hills location. The ATM dispenses fresh cupcakes around the clock for $4.00 [ $3.50 + .50 ATM Fee]. Flavors include Vanilla, Red Velvet, and Milk Chocolate to name a few. The ATM is stocked with an amazing 600 cupcakes that is constantly rotated throughout the day.

As per the Huff Post, “We stopped by to test out the cupcake ATM and found the process as easy as getting a soda from the vending machine or money from an ATM.” Check out the process of getting a cupcake from Sprinkles below.


New Yorkers not to worry, these Cupcake ATMs are set it hit New York very soon in Midtown, Downtown, and the Upper West Side. Their New York location is 780 Lexington Ave. [Between 60th & 61st St] if you would like to grab a cupcake now. I’ll keep you posted once they’ve arrived and activated!

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– Isaiah [@Urban_Foodie14]

Foodie News: Paula Deen’s Publicist Leaves After New Diabetes Drug Endorsement


Paula Deen‘s publicist, Nancy Assuncao has worked with Deen for the last six years but has decided to quit after Food Network Star have accepted a new diabetes drug endorsement, Victoza.

Deen recently announced her diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes earlier this month, after knowing she had them for the past three years. Assuncao has kept her diabetes secret for three years along with fellow chefs and nutritionists. Deen knowingly continued to push food high in fat and sugar, which her fans now feel portrayed.

As per Fox News, a source said Assuncao “strongly disagreed with Deen’s dramatic turnabout, after years of promoting fatty foods, to announcing she has a deal with a diabetes drug company [Novo Nordisk] and will be promoting lighter food and ‘diabetes in a new light.'”

Assuncao was in a strong disagreement with Paula’s new plan and decided that she could no longer be apart or co-sign with her. Other reports state that Paula was surprised that her celebrity chef colleagues didn’t support her.

Assuncao states, “I’m very grateful for the six years that I worked with Paula in helping her build the Deen brand. Although we had a great deal of fun along the way, I could not agree with the new business strategy going forward. Nonetheless, I wish them continued success.

It seems oddly convenient that Paula decides to come out with her secret after locking a deal with an insulin company, it definitely affects her credit-ability as a chef, Food Network Star, and as a person to her wide fan base.

Isaiah [@Urban_Foodie14)