Choice Streets- NYC Finest Food Trucks Feature

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Check out my feature, “Choice Streets- NYC’s Finest Food Trucks” on Mobile Food News!

New York, NY

Village Voice hosted their first year of Choice Streets, a food truck version of Choice Eats at the Intrepid Museum on Pier 86 last Tuesday. This event highlighted some of NYC’s finest gourmet trucks from savory to sweet……”

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Isaiah Kelsey

President’s Day at The Chew : Featuring Carla Hall Interview

What better place to be on President’s Day than to be on The Chew. I had the opportunity to come across some tickets to attend this particular episode and I took it. They asked the crowd to wear our American colors and I was ready!

As I awaited in the Audience Holding Room to go on set I was handpicked to be present on the Tasting Table, I was honored and definitely took the producer up on the offer. We were brought onto the set and I so was excited by the energy that filled the room from the friendly production crew and set decor. I was then taken to my designated seat with plate setting. Bright lights, cameras, producers, and of course the infamous Chew Hosts, Mario Batali, Michael Symon, Daphne Oz, Carla Hall, and Clinton Kelly were preparing for the show. The hosts were dressed as past presidents and Carla was dressed as an African American poet, to represent for Black History Month.

Time had flew and we had 10 seconds before we went live! I was filled with excitement, anticipation, and a bit nervous. Self thoughts began to chime in, was I ready, did I look alright, this can’t really be happening I thought? Action! *Long Round Of Applause* I seen the recording red light beaming towards me and I knew I was on national TV.

As the show went on, I began to relax and enjoy the show with everyone else. Between breaks, I really got to see how it all happens and I was pleasantly surprised to see how well the co-hosts interacted with one another. It was as if they had been friends forever and having a gathering at one of their homes.

Michael and Mario prepared a sweet potato and ham casserole, which in turn was brought out to us to eat. As many of my friends, family, and some of my readers know that I don’t eat pork for religious reasons. Once it given to me, I ate around it for the sake of the video shot agreement I made before the show started.

Joan and Melissa Rivers guest starred on the show and prepared dessert alongside Carla Hall. Joan Rivers was hilarious! Before you knew the show was over. The chefs came over to greet us at the tasting table which I thought was very personable.

After the show I was given the opportunity to speak with Carla Hall and ask her few questions;

Carla Hall is best known from BRAVO’s Top Chef and although she had to “pack her knives and go” she was later named Top Chef All-Stars Fan Favorite.

Starting out as a chef, who was your mentor and what inspired you to leave the world of fashion to pursue culinary arts?

“My grandmother was probably my greatest mentor.  I was a late bloomer when it came to cooking, and she gave me my first rolling pin…at 24.  Fashion wasn’t a necessarily a destination for me, but a transition from Accounting to what would hopefully be a career that I would still love at 40.  It was a series of Sunday brunches in Paris with a bunch of models when I discovered a desire to prepare food as much as I enjoyed eating it.”

As so many other great African American women make history, what influence would you like to have on other aspiring female chefs?

“I would tell them to respect and honor the power that you have when making someone’s food.  Also, as women we tend to be very agreeable and accommodating, to this I would say “Delegate the work, not the vision.”

How did Top Chef elevate you to the next level?

“Top Chef gave me the platform to challenge myself well beyond anything I thought I could ever do.  I now have the confidence to try things that I would have never thought possible.  It’s an incredible gift that keeps on giving.  On a completely different note, the increasing popularity of TC has made many of the chef’testants household names, which has been beneficial in opening many doors for me.”

What other aspirations to do hope you to achieve in the near future?

“My first cookbook is being released on November 6th this year and another one next year.  I hope to grow my petite cookie company, Alchemy by Carla Hall, tenfold in the next 5-7 years, which would include additional product lines.  This means finding a partnering manufacturing and distribution company.  I would like to do something really fun like community theater.”

It was a pleasure to chat with her, as most fans might wonder is she as nice in person as she is on TV. Carla Hall’s personality is amazing, she’s bubbly, knowledgeable, and exudes a humble spirit. It was great to be in the presence of all the chefs and I have definitely become a greater fan after meeting them in person!

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To catch this particular President’s Day episode, watch at 1pm today on ABC! If you happen to have missed it, click on this link to view;



 Photo Credits: ABC Studios, Isaiah Kelsey

Class Is Back In Session!

Hello Foodie Readers [Old & New]!

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve written to you guys. I took sort of break that I wouldn’t call a vacation for the summer. It was filled with many highlights and downfalls but all and all a great learning experience! I am now a Restaurant Manager at Mesa Grill in Union Square, which I love!

Look out for many new interviews, articles, and new additions to the page! Stay Tuned, I’m excited to be back! ~~~>

– Isaiah ( @Urban_Foodie14 )

You’re Invited To Rocco’s Dinner Party!

Last night Celebrity Chef, Rocco DiSpirito debuted his new series, “Rocco’s Dinner Party” on the Bravo Network. The concept of the show is there are three chefs who are given the opportunity to cook in Rocco’s loft for a dinner party that he’s throwing for some of his high-clientele friends. There are two rounds, within the first round one chef is eliminated and the remaining two chefs are left to battle it out for $20,000.

In this week’s episode, DiSpirito’s theme was a Speakeasy and both remaining chefs, J.J. Johnson & Geof Johnson collected their ideas, met with celebrity event producer, Jes Gordon for designing their dining room, and  began to battle it out for the prize. DiSpirito’s guest list included Chef Marcus Samuelsson [Top Chef Master, owner of Red Rooster], actor Michael Williams [The Wire], Host Kelly Choi [Eat Out New York], to name a few. After they prepared a 5-course meal for DiSpirito and his guests, it was decided that Executive Sous Chef J.J. Johnson was the winner.

I had an opportunity to speak to “Rocco’s Dinner Party” 1st Winner, J.J. Johnson:

What would you do differently while cooking in this competition?

“I would have definitely cook the grits better, lol. That is what would’ve done.

How has this opportunity changed your life?

“This opportunity gave me the chance to showcase my talents to two outstanding chefs that had 3 stars in the New York Times.”

What do you intend to do with the prize money of $20,000?

“With my winning, I plan to donate some of winning to my father’s AAU [Mountain Basketball] to enter in large program this summer. Secondly, I plan to invest in juice product, Oatmeal Juice. Lastly, the rest will go into my savings account.”

I had a some last words with Celebrity Chef DiSpirito as well:

What gave you the idea to create a show like this?

“I wanted to celebrate why we cook not just how and Bravo was very supportive, then a lot of great brains worked it out.”

Between both chefs, what was the tie breaker?

“The guest reaction to JJ’s oxtails was the knock out punch, then the bread pudding was 8, 9, 10 this fight is over!”

Recap: I trully enjoyed this show because it brings the essence of cooking and enjoyment of entertaining guests into one. I’ve been searching for a new favorite show and I believe I just found it.

Tune in to “Rocco’s Dinner Party” on the Bravo Network, Wednesdays at 10pm

Photos Courtesy to The Bravo Network

Dialect Magazine Feature: Shrikhand on Lexington

Isaiah has been featured in the Winter Issue of Dialect Magazine. This is his first official publication, which he is very proud of. He was asked to write an article about global treats and decided to head to “Little India” on Lexington Ave in New York. He found a great restaurant and wrote about an infamous Indian treat.

To read more, a digital copy can be purchased for the price of $3.99, as well as a paperback copy at Isaiah is highlighted in the Contributors Column and his one page debut can be found in Global Treats & Worldwide Eats. Thank you in advance for your continued support!

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