Good Eats at Choice Eats


NYC Foodies Assemble! Village Voice hosted their 5th Annual “Choice Eats” festival at the 69th Armory at Lexington Ave. The event included 90+ restaurants and 50+ beer/wine vendors, with entertainment from DJ Andy Rourke of The Smith. Prior to entering the venue I attended the VIP lounge, where foodies paid extra for an early entrance, cocktail hour, hors d’oeuvres, and a celebrity chef demo with Top Chef Texas Cheftestant, Ty-lor Boring. He prepared cubed watermelon with powdered olive oil.

As I walked into the event I was in awe at the number of restaurants that I was about to indulge in . Each vendor was plentiful with the amount of food offered which I enjoyed most. Steadily I began to get full and needed a beverage to wash it down. Some of my favorite vendors like Stella Artois and Tito Vodka quenched my thirst as well as others. Lastly, I ended my night with decadent desserts, but enough with my writing check out my foodie slideshow!

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If you missed Choice Eats this year, not to worry because Village Voice is also hosting Choice Streets which highlights NYC’s Food Trucks on Tuesday, April 24th at 7:00pm. I’ll see you there!

– Isaiah [@Urban_Foodie14]

Insider: SWV’s Album Listening Party, “I Missed Us”


Fifteen years ago, the popular R&B Group, SWV [Sisters With Voices] made hit after hit including Weak, Rain, & You’re The One becoming one of the most successful R&B groups in the 90’s. In 1998, the band members Cheryl “Coko” Gamble, Tamara “Taj” Johnson-George, and Leanne “LeeLee” Lyons decided to branch out into their own solo careers.

During their hiatus, they have all pursued several different career paths which included solo albums, reality tv shows, published books, and attended universities. All three band mates are now married with children with a new outlook on life and ready to record another album entitled, I Missed Us.

As I awaited in the penthouse of Jungle Studios with several other journalists, their newly released songs which included their latest single, Cosign filled the room from the speakers. Adjacent from the grand piano were Nuvo Sponsors, who made great drinks while we waited. They were then announced and the ladies of SWV entered the room with so much energy!

It was an intimate setting that allowed us to have full monologue with them and Taj who exuded the most energy challenged the stiff journalists to dance with the music, which I found hilarious. After several songs played, they opened the floor for questions.

When asked what their inspiration was to get back into the studio and how was it working together again. Coko replied, “I came up with the album name, I Missed Us because we missed making music, missed each other and fans.” Taj chimed in stating, “It was a lot of fun but hard work, we hope you love it.” Leelee also noted, “We want to bring R&B back because the soul of it has been lost.” Collectively they wanted to keep their songs classic to when they last made music, rather than evolve to the today’s music. Their goal is contain their older fans as well as gain a new fan base.

Another question was asked if there were any collaborations on the album, Taj noted, “One artist Brianna Perry rapped on their tracks. Otherwise, some artists were invited but didn’t believe that the group would be successful.”

I was able ask to couple questions as follows;

IK: In preparation for the new album, were there any specific diets or nutrition plans that you all had to stick to:

Taj: “We trained as if we were training for a marathon to drop weight. The blogs dogged us after the video, but it also motivated us to keep pushing and gives us great stamina.

IK: Do you ladies share a personal trainer or do you have separate trainers?

LeeLee & Taj: Taj is our trainer….My husband, the football player gets us all in shape and we’re not mad about it.”

IK: While in New York, are there any specific restaurants or food that you must have?

Coko: “We’re simple girls, they love Chipotle’s and I love KFC, love wing dings” lol

SWV is now working on a reality show that is about their everyday lives and in preparation for the album. You can expect to see SWV performing at this summer’s Essence Festival in New Orléans, LA. As far as their tour dates, they are still being scheduled but not completed as of yet.

These ladies were so cool, hilarious, and like most of us hope are completely “down-to-earth” which made me like them so much more. The album has yet to receive a release date but as a fan myself the music is creative, great groove music and a couple of party anthems alike. Look out for SWV’s new album, “I Missed Us” coming soon. Check out their latest video!

For Updates On SWV, Follow them on Twitter;

Coko: @Only1Coko

LeeLee: @LeLeeLyons

Taj: @TajGeorge

– Isaiah [@Urban_Foodie14]

Foodie News: Trendy Cupcake ATMs

Photo Courtesy Of Lalate News

Photo Courtesy Of Lalate News

I must say I’ve seen cupcake trucks [Cupcake Stop], large gourmet cupcakes [Crumbs Bake Shop], and even bite-sized cupcakes [Baked by Melissa] but have yet to see this. Candace came up with the idea while pregnant and like most women they have these late night cravings, which for her was cupcakes. They were unavailable to her dissatisfaction but like all entrepreneurs what is not available must be created.

Candace Nelson, best known as a judge from Food Network‘s “Cupcake Wars” and also the founder of Sprinkles has activated their very first 24-Hour Cupcake ATM in their Beverly Hills location. The ATM dispenses fresh cupcakes around the clock for $4.00 [ $3.50 + .50 ATM Fee]. Flavors include Vanilla, Red Velvet, and Milk Chocolate to name a few. The ATM is stocked with an amazing 600 cupcakes that is constantly rotated throughout the day.

As per the Huff Post, “We stopped by to test out the cupcake ATM and found the process as easy as getting a soda from the vending machine or money from an ATM.” Check out the process of getting a cupcake from Sprinkles below.


New Yorkers not to worry, these Cupcake ATMs are set it hit New York very soon in Midtown, Downtown, and the Upper West Side. Their New York location is 780 Lexington Ave. [Between 60th & 61st St] if you would like to grab a cupcake now. I’ll keep you posted once they’ve arrived and activated!

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– Isaiah [@Urban_Foodie14]